Now, I know that I am absolute garbage for talking about cute babies vs weird-looking babies, but the fact is: we notice these things. As much as we don’t say it, (and please, especially we Nigerians, I take God and beg: if you see a child that’s not the finest looking baby, I beg you…don’t say anything. Shouting “Which kin thing be this?!” when a mother is handing you her baby is seriously funny (to me)…but also a very mean thing to do. So please avoid.)

Anyways, enough chitter chatter. I have pictures to show you. I’m very excited to get to these. So let’s dive right in!

1. Di’Ja

Nigerian singer, Di’Ja is secretive about things pertaining to her personal life. Even so, whenever we get glimpses into this personal life, we’re really happy with what we see.

I mean, Di’Ja makes the cutest babies. Look at these pictures. Adorable!

2. Linda Ikeji

Blogger and internet mogul, Linda Ikeji, shocked the world when she announced that she was pregnant in 2018.

Months after going in to the maternity room, Linda finally shared pictures of her son, Jayce, and has continued to do so ever since.

Jayce is such a cute baby.

3. Jude Okoye

Brother of Nigerian megastar duo, P-Square, Jude Okoye, is a very proud father who loves to show off his children on social media.

We must say, Jude and his wife make some very adorable looking children. I mean, check these out.

4. IK Ogbonna

I have to throw hat to Sonia Mark, IK Ogbonna’s wife, because her genes really CAME OUT in this boy.

Of course shout out to IK as well, he contributed what he had to contribute…but Sonia. Sonia is really the one who said, mm mm, this one, this is MY baby boy.

I mean, their resemblance especially in complexion is so uncanny. Talk about a cute baby.

5. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is another one of those moms who never lets us rest as far as it concerns her son. She constantly posts him on her social media. Their pictures are always fire. She sets up photo shoots and hires professional cameras and professional photographers.

Who can blame her? She created a very handsome baby boy. Who wouldn’t want to photograph that?

6. Tonto Dikeh

Yup! Yet another culprit. Tonto Dikeh when she first announced was pregnant caused quite the frenzy on the Nigerian blogs and forums. We couldn’t believe it. Notorious party girl, Nollywood’s baddest and most controversial. How was she gonna handle being a mother?

Well, Tonto really showed us! She took that baton and she’s been running that race like crazy. Tonto Dikeh’s motherhood skills are something you can’t taint. No matter your opinion of her, she is a fantastic mother.

Going above and beyond, throwing elaborate parties and setting up extravagant shoots for her boy. Tonto Dikeh is one mother who also celebrates her child all over social media and who can blame her?

She made a beautiful baby.

7. Osita Iheme

Who would have thought Osita Iheme’s baby would look like this?!

No honestly, who would have thought!

The very entertaining comedic actor best known for his mischievous antics in movies, and for his career-defining role as “Pawpaw” is one of Nigeria’s greatest exports.

We love Osita Iheme. But no matter how much we love Osita, we were ALL, and I do mean ALL shocked when Osita posted pictures of his son.

Some people thanked God he married a woman with good strong genes that could combat his own 🤣 and others were just plain shocked at the difference in appearance between father and son.

I personally think there’s nothing wrong with Osita Iheme’s genes, but even I am still shocked, because truly if shown only the picture of the baby and told to guess for who the father was? I’d never in a million years pick Osita.

That is one cute baby though!


I just found out this isn’t Osita’s child, and that Osita isn’t even married. 🤯. Face. Crack!

Welp! We need another #7 then.

7. Davido

Another news that broke the internet that year. When it was revealed that Davido had a daughter named Imade, Nigerian blogs and forums of course went into a frenzy. It was yet another case of how would he handle fatherhood?

And I guess all these years later, now with another baby on the way, Davido has answered our questions with a big AMAZING. He handled it amazing.

Imade seems to have really changed his life if we’re to go by the interviews and things he posts on social media. He takes the time to celebrate her as much as he can and we’re sure behind the scenes, he’s doing way more than we can ever possibly see or know. .

The boy’s doing what he has to do, and we’re so proud to watch. Imade was such a beautiful baby as well. Growing into an equally beautiful young woman.